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Great Cheap Phone Services

Posted by Gary on August 4, 2008

Alligato Mobile – Simple and low cost long distance calling from cell phones (alligatomobile.com)

GrandCentral – Free and feature rich single number service (grandcentral.com)

Lypp – Cost effective audio conference calls (lyyp.com)

Maxroam – Cheap multi-country roaming service (maxroam.com)

These are a few of the services that we will be discussing in more detail in future posts.  We are big fans of innovative services that combine the power of the web with traditional telecom to create consumer centric solutions.  We are also big fans of cheap and free.  We have a long history with the economics of the industry and know that cell phone long distance shouldn’t cost 30 cents/minute within Canada, and conferencing shouldn’t cost 60 cents per minute, and roaming certainly shouldn’t cost over $1/minute. 

We are always on the lookout for entrepreneurial businesses that have developed solutions to offer consumers true value in the niches where the carriers are hoarding margin.  We will talk about these services and others on this blog and welcome any suggestions on services that we should try.


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