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Apple iPhone vs Blackberry Bold

Posted by Gary on July 17, 2008

Side by Side

Side by Side

The early reviews are in on the Blackberry Bold and comparisons with the iPhone are inevitable.  In summary, the comparisons highlight that these are two distinctly different phones with different strengths.  Perhaps the real RIM vs. Apple showdown will come when the Blackberry Thunder comes out later in the year with a large screen and soft touch keyboard.

 Boy Genius has one of the better high level reviews and it summarizes into:

1. If you are a hardcore Blackberry email junky and have a preference for a hard keyboard, then go Bold.  It’s a bit larger than recent Blackberry’s but has great styling, great keyboard, an improved browser and the best Blackberry screen to date.

2. If you are not hooked to Blackberry’s and are a moderate email user then go iPhone.  It’s the best general purpose mobile device.  Great OS, great design, the best browser, good email, and a growing list of easily accessible and innovative applications. 

The Bold looks great though I prefer the smaller size factor of the Curve.  Big anticipation here at Cell Canada for the Blackberry Thunder.  It will be RIM’s first foray away from the hard keyboard tha thas defined their products and success for so long.  If it just keeps up with the iPhone and doesn’t come with an App store, then RIM’s chances of defending against Apple longer term are suspect.


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